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Developer: The Pixel Farm
Type: Camera tracking
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Website: The Pixel Farm - PFTrack


PFTrack, launched in 2003, quickly established itself as the Match Mover of choice for high-end visual effects productions, when its ground breaking features quickly brought revolutionary new tools to the desk top, including many firsts; Geometry Tracking, Optical Motion Capture, True 3D Stereoscopic Solves, Multiple Motion Solving, User Editable optical flow and Per Pixel Z Depth Extraction. Since its inception, a rapidly growing number of renowned visual effects companies use The Pixel Farm's products and PFTrack in particular, these include: Sony Imageworks, The Mill, UbiSoft, Riot, Stan Winston Studios, Digital Domain, Cinesite, Double Negative, The Orphanage, CORE Digital, MPC and Animal Logic.

Download the PFTrack PLE for a test drive!


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