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SiNi Software is a new Autodesk Authorised Developer producing tools and plugins for 3ds Max®.

SiNi Software brings to Autodesk® 3ds Max® powerful new plugins and tools to enhance an artist’s productivity and workflow whilst engaging the rendering capabilities of leading renderers including; Vray, Corona, finalRender, Moskito, Redshift, Fstorm, Mental Ray, Iray, Arnold, Octane.

If you use scripts to extend 3ds Max, you will find our C++ engineered multi-threaded products can process tasks many times more complex than Maxscript can handle, in a fraction of the time.

”Our mission is simple, we are developing world class plugins and tools to benefit you, the 3D artists”

All our products in one collection.

Benefits of ALL ACCESS membership;


  • Significant discounts over single products.
  • All software included - IgNite, ProxSi, SiClone with (Scatter and Disperse) coming soon.
  • All updates, maintenance and support included.
  • Access to SiNi function code for Maxscript developers, TD’s and pipeline engineers.
  • Multi-unit volume discounts.


SiNi Software

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